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India has one of the cheapest data prices in the world, thanks to the entry of Reliance Jio. Now a Bengaluru startup is challenging Mukesh Ambani at his own game.

A 2016 founded startup wi-fi Dabba is making Gigabit WIFI Accessible for everyone. It offers High speed internet at just Rs.1 for 1 GB, and you don’t have to pay any subscription, Signup or installation fees

That is at least 360% Cheaper than jio ‘s plans which is already the Cheapest in the market. The startup is idea is to provide Wi-Fi-like service across the city to cater to high data user of Bengaluru which is already known for its excellent connectivity.

How does Wi-Fi Dabba work?

Wi-fi Dhaba uses local shop to install its Wi-Fi routers. Simply Connect to the Wi-Fi Dhaba Network and enter your details.

If you don’t have an exciting plan, you can purchase one for as low as Rs.1 for 1GB. You can also purchase wi-fi dhaba tokens locally, allowing you to get online with any hassle. You can buy more data as and when you need it.

To achieve 100% coverage, Wi-fi dhaba has come up with a concept called ‘super nodes’.the company says that it is deploying a grid of super nodes across high rise building and towers to ensure that wi-fi Dhaba network is accessible to everyone thought the city.

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