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With a daily net increase of 6,566, India’s total cases have reached 158,333 from 151,767 on Wednesday — an increase of 4.3%. Net increase of 194 in deaths — the highest in a day so far — has taken the country’s death toll to 4,531.

India’s recovery rate has improved by 30 basis points to 42.8%, while the case fatality rate is unchanged for a fifth straight date at 2.9%.

India’s new daily closed cases stand at 3,460 — 194 deaths and 3,266 recoveries. The share of deaths in total closed cases stands at 5.6%.

India’s 5-day moving average of daily rate of addition to total cases has declined to an all-time low of 4.8%.

Net daily addition to India’s active cases is 3,106, an increase of 36% from Wednesday’s 2,282.

India’s doubling time for total cases has increased from 16.1 days to 16.4 days.

The states and UTs that have seen their sharpest single-day spike in total cases are Tamil Nadu (817), Delhi (792), Uttar Pradesh (443), Assam (165), J&K (162).

Maharashtra, the most affected state, has added 2,190 cases to take its tally to 56,948. The state has added more than 2,000 cases on each of the past 11 days. About 46% (26,242) of all its cases have come in these 11 days alone.

Tamil Nadu, the second-most-affected state, has added 817 cases, its highest single-day jump so far. The state has reported more than 400 cases for an 11th straight day to take its total to 18,545.

Gujarat accounts for 9.6% of India’s total cases, but 20.7% of deaths. On Thursday, it has reported a net daily addition of 374 cases, its 29th straight daily addition of more than 300 cases.

Delhi has reported an addition of 792 cases, its highest in a day, to take its tally to 15,257.

In percentage terms, the highest daily increase in total cases has been reported by Meghalaya (33%), Assam (27%), Uttarakhand (17%), Manipur (13%), Uttarakhand (15%), Hichal Pradesh and Tripura (11% each).

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