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What is the best non-Chinese budget smartphone?

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It's practically impossible to boycott China in every aspect of the supply chain. The boycott should be step by step. First, uninstall Chinese apps and try to reduce dependence on Chinese services whenever and wherever possible. Try not to buy “Made in China” products.

There's no doubt that there aren't many cheap and good alternatives to chinese smartphones. So chinese phones are not going anywhere soon. However, something is better than nothing.

Samsung (South Korea) - They have their world's largest manufacturing unit in Noida, India. Do not have a single unit in China. Best option among all other non Chinese brands. They have plenty options, both under budget and flagship categories. They have a golden opportunity to shine right now, depends on them whether they take it or not. I myself have been using a S10+ and I can tell you, this phone is going to last very long and I'm thoroughly impressed with the camera, ram optimization and the gorgeous display.

Asus (Taiwan) - Very underrated brand with excellent line up of smartphones offering high end specs at affordable prices. Definitely worth it.

Nokia (Finland) - Catching up slowly. Not many options. Would not recommend heavy users as the hardware they use is not upto the mark. Software wise they're excellent.

Apple (US) - Premium products at expensive price tags. However, they're slowly starting to manufacture in india which has helped lower the costs of older iPhones but the new ones continue to be manufactured in China. Their so called “budget” iPhone SE costs 42,500.

LG (South Korea)

Google (US)

HTC (Taiwan)

Sony (Japan)

Panasonic (Japan)


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