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1. If you download a "PDF" file and see that it ends in ".exe", delete it. It's a virus

2. If Wi-Fi at an airport or hotel costs money, add "? .Jpg" to the end of any URL. They usually do not redirect images.

3. Accidentally closed a Word file without saving? Not saved automatically? Search for ".asd" in your file explorer under "My / This PC". The document will be there.

4. How to make an essay longer: press Ctrl + F, search for "." And change the size of the points from 12 to 14. They look exactly the same but will make your paper significantly longer.

5. Highlight a selection in Word and press Shift + F3 so that it is all uppercase or lowercase.

6. If you want to download a YouTube video, simply add "ss" to the url between "www." And " YouTube ."

7. When copying something from the Internet, use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste it. That will prevent the text from being formatted.

8. Save your PowerPoint presentation as PowerPoint Show (.ppsx), and it will open directly to the slide show.

9. Press Alt and click on any Google image to automatically save it to your computer.

10. Do you have a long conference that you have to watch on YouTube? Go to the settings and opt for 2x speed. It will be a little faster and more fun at first, but you can easily understand what is said and see it in half the time.

11.Too lazy to read the full article? The Chrome TLDR extension will give you a brief and quick summary of long articles online.

12. To listen to a song on YouTube, repeat without having to keep pressing 'replay' at the end, add 'repeat' between 'www.youtube' and '.com'


13. Find my look-a-like, my face double, doppelganger or my face match is a website where you can register to find your lookalike from anywhere in the world by uploading photos, selecting your facial features.

14. Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Momentary ink: realistic and personalized temporary tattoos, you can turn your tattoo idea into a temporary tattoo. So, you can try before putting it in your body forever.

15. If you accidentally close a tab, ctrl + shift + t reopens it (Doesn't work in incognito mode though)

16. Putting your phone in airplane mode will stop the ads while you play.

17. In Delete Your Online Accounts - Popular, you can instantly delete all your personal data from websites you don't want to have.

19. If you lost an Android phone in your home and it is in vibration, you can find it on Google Play> Android Device Manager> "Ringtone"

20. If you have problems with math, you can go to Wolfram | Alpha: make the world's knowledge computable, connect any equation and do it and solve it for you.

21. Do you need to edit an image quickly? In Sumopaint - Online Image Editor you can use a free online version of photoshop.

22. Forgot your computer password? Boot into safe mode (F8 during startup), log in as administrator and then change your password.

23. If you type any flight number on Google, you can see where exactly the plane is.s

24.Stop using Google to find information for a school essay, use Google Scholar instead. You will find more relevant information immediately.


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