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Ah… small questions. This question won’t get more than 20 views, but I think I can explain this pretty well, so I’ll answer it.

I think that artificial intelligence will eventually erode much of our purpose as humans. Here’s why:

Humans evolved doing hard, physical labor. They pushed themselves to the limit for their tribes, running tirelessly after animals, caring for wounded, and building.

The change to a less physical existence and a more mental one has come with a lot of convenience, but also, at the same time, a deep lack of purpose. Humans no longer strive to be faster runners or stronger builders. A lack of exercise is really a bad effect, since exercise is by far the best natural cure for depression. (I put an article at the bottom for more research).

We’re still changing, but not fast enough to keep pace with technology. AI is going to be a massive change in how the world is run. Quite a few researcher’s believe that an AI will be able to do everything that a human can do… which makes us ask, “Then why are we here?”

Humans are not built for calculating endlessly. We’re also not built for a life of relaxation or paradise. From my own experience, we are happiest when we are striving for a goal, not simply sitting back passively and letting an AI do everything for you. An AGI (or an AI that can do everything a human can) would essential void our purpose and our entire struggle through life.

There needs to be a type of cure for the apathy that comes with convenience. A great example of this apathy is the effects of the Las Vegas shootings: nothing has changed.

Imagine a world where you don’t even need to think to accomplish things or feel pleasure. We have no need to run or exercise, and already, depression rates are increasing. No goals? No need to strive?

A world with true AGI is a paradise… just not for us.


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