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Very Kind and Beautiful Cat

I wanted to buy OnePlus 8 pro but I stopped as it's made in China.

So I changed my opinion and searched for iphone11 sadly 80% of iPhones are made in China

I decided to open flipkart to search for other mobiles but Flipkart is funded by Chinese venture capital. I was extremely disappointed and thought of eating some delicious food opened Zomato & Swiggy irony is that both are funded by chinese firms.

I decided to order some snacks from Big Basket, is also funded by china. I was vexed went to restaurant. But to go there, I booked ola and cancelled because China funded ola too.

I wanted to compromise for food but Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) driver was accepting ride only if pay through Paytm is also China funded.

I was fed up and wanted to open my laptop.That's Lenovo, but made in China apologies again.

After seeing all this I got severe headache and thought of popping a pill (paracetamol) omg! China is there too.  


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