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India ranked second, behind Singapore, in terms of ' drive- by download' attack volume in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019, according to a report by Microsoft.

' Drive- by download' attacks involve downloading malicious code onto an unsuspecting user's computer when they visit a website or fill up a form. The malicious code that is downloaded is then used by the attacker to steal passwords or financial information.

While the volume of such attacks in the Asia-Pacific region declined 27 per cent from 2018, India moved from the 11th position to the second spot (with 140 per cent increase), the report titled 'Microsoft Security Endpoint Report 2019' said.

It added that cybercriminals remain focused on stealing financial information or intellectual property.

Together with key financial hubs, Singapore and Hong Kong, India experienced an attack volume that was three times higher than the regional and global average, it said.

"Cybercriminals capitalise on drive- by download technique to target the organisations and end-users with the objective to steal valuable financial information or intellectual property," Microsoft India Group Head and Assistant General Counsel (Corporate, External and Legal Affairs) Keshav Dhakad said in a virtual briefing.


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