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As a massive fire engulfed a Delhi factory early on Sunday, leaving no room for the sleeping workers to escape, a 30-year-old worker from Uttar Pradesh made his last phone call to his brother, requesting him to "take care of things at home".

In a chilling audio clip, the man, identified as Musharraf Ali from UP's Bijnor, pleaded with his brother to take care of his wife and four children after he was gone.

43 laborers died in the fire in Delhi's congested Anaj Mandi area early on Sunday morning. “Brother, I am going to die. There is fire everywhere. Brother, please come to Delhi tomorrow and take me. There is fire everywhere and no way to escape," Mr Ali told his brother.

"I will not survive today. Please take care of my family, brother... I am not able to breathe... just come and take me...take care of the family," he further said.

Mr Ali also told his brother to break the news of his death to the elders of the house first.

Many questions were raised again over the condition of the building, which was being operated illegally as a factory. It eventually turned out to be the worst blaze in 20 years, exposing the loopholes in terms of city planning and inaction in terms of maintaining fire safety rules in the national capital.

Apart from killing 43 people, the massive factory fire also injured 16-20 people. According to reports, roughly 70 workers were sleeping inside the factory when the fire broke out on Sunday.

The fire department said it was one of the worst fire accidents in the national capital.

Leaders from all around the country expressed grief over the incident and offered their condolences to family members of the dead labourers. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who visited the spot yesterday, announced a Rs 10 lakh compensation for the families of the dead and also ordered a magisterial inquiry into the matter as well.

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