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Very Kind and Beautiful Cat

Google has created a special doodle to celebrate New Year's Eve as everybody is gearing up to commemorate the beginning of a new decade. Today's Google Doodle features Froggy, the weather frog, and a little bird, watching the fireworks lit up the twilight sky.

Multicolor fireworks - yellow, red, blue and green - illuminate the airspace in the Google Doodle as Froggy and the bird wear party caps to celebrate New Year.

Froggy might sound familiar to you as it makes an appearance often while you are looking up the weather in Google Search on mobile devices.

The Google Doodle page, meanwhile, said that, "Froggy is gearing up for New Year's celebrations in any weather. He says he's most excited about it being a Leap Year. "The 2020s are sure to be ribbitting!". "

"Once the clock strikes midnight, the new decade begins! Time sure is fun when you're having flies Ready to jump in? Hoppy New Year's Eve!"

Today's Google Doodle has been designed by Doodler Sophie Diao.

Google Doodle also released eight other pictures on its page in addition to the New Year's Eve doodle- weather scenes to be precise. All of them, designed by Sophie Diao, feature Froggy.

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