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The Internet has created a whole new world of remarkable challenges and opportunities through online communications. At the pace that technology is advancing, no business can afford to be left behind, but many businesses simply do not have the resources or time to achieve their potential. pentasoft professional has the capacity to offer specialized online marketing, search engine optimization, and website design and development, backed up by a full support team. We look forward to the possibility of a new successful partnership with you.


The accessibility portion of the assessment checks and rates how well your website can be used by everyone. This portion emphasizes how the website looks and functions on non-standard internet browsers, including mobile devices, as well as how people with impairments view the website. More accessible websites are easier for everyone, not just potential clients with screen readers or mobile devices, to navigate and obtain the required information. To go along with making it easier, the same ideas behind making a website accessible are used in good Search Engine Optimization practices, and in how an internet browser will view your website.


The assessment measures how well written and up-to-date the text is on your website, as well as measuring how much the meta data (technical data used to tell computers about a file) helps your site in search engines, and how images are used and displayed on the website. Some portions of this test may require technical expertise to fix and maintain if the website is not making proper use for a Content Management System. Although your website can make use of the best technology and techniques, without the proper content search engines such as Google will not pick up the website. Poor content leads to poor visibility which in turn leads to an overall poor website.


Although never seen by most of your users, how well built and maintained a websites code base is one of the most important factors of a website. If it is poorly built the visibility of the website on search engines will go down, and issues in how the information is displayed to the user will begin to arise. Websites are mostly judged by how well they look to the user, and how well they function. Everyone seemingly ignores what is actually used to make the website look and function in this manner. Poorly built functionality will hurt the websites performance overall, regardless of how good it looks.


Imagine learning that your recently-launched website was developed using obsolete programming languages, condemning you to higher costs of maintenance and future upgrades and expansions. We only develop using the latest technologies that are scalable, efficient, and widely supported.

Website Design:

The website is the foundation of your online presence. Your website should impress you, impress your customers, and make you money. Looks really do matter, but so does functionality, navigation, and the ability to rank well in the search engines for the right keywords. We design all of our websites to be search engine friendly, and with your end marketing objectives in mind every step of the way. We’ll design your website so that visitors are led on a path that leads to the achievement of your objectives, whether it’s an inquiry, a sale, or generating awareness.

Logo Design:

Your brand is your identity and what sets you apart in the marketplace. The image it conveys must be tailored to your target market, your competitive advantage, and your desired position in the industry. Whether you need a quick low-budget logo for a startup operation or a complete brand assessment and strategy, pentasoft professional Design can fit your needs and budget.

Web Animation:

Studies have shown that you have between 3 and 6 seconds to gain the visitor’s interest when they visit your website. Experience has also shown that first impressions are very important, especially when your website represents the face of your company. Web animation can be a great way to set your website apart and engage visitors in an impressive yet cost effective way.

Form Post:

By filling the enquiry form you agree that Pentasoft Professional may use your name, email address, phone number or other data to communicate with you through calls, SMS and emails, either by itself or through any of its designates (franchisees, outsourcing call centres, information team, sales executive etc) You may receive newsletters, e - brochures, emailers, SMS from Pentasoft Professional You can request to have your information modified or deleted from our records to us by sending mail to any time if you wish to. Pentasoft Professional assures you that it will not sell this information to any third party.

Programming Languages:

Imagine learning that during the development of your recently-launched website, an obsolete programming languages was utilized, condemning you to higher costs of maintenance and future upgrades and expansions. We only develop using modern technologies that are scalable, efficient, and widely supported.

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