Security Systems Based on RFID

Pentasoft offers modern security systems based on RFID technology. Radio waves are used by the technology known as RFID, or radio frequency identification, to identify and track persons or items. Our RFID-based security solutions are made to offer dependable and secure access control to buildings, rooms, or locations. They can be tailored to match your organization's requirements and are simple to install.

Some Benefits Of Adopting Our RFID-Based Security Solutions Include The Following:

RFID Based Security Development

Safe Access Management:

Our security systems employ RFID technology to ensure that only authorized individuals can access specified areas or buildings. By doing this, you may lessen the possibility of unauthorized access and defend your company against burglary, damage, and other security risks.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Our RFID-based security systems allow you to monitor who enters your buildings anytime. You may keep tabs on who enters and exits your structures, rooms, or locations and receive alerts if there is any unusual activity.


The system of security can be modified to meet the specific needs of your company. No matter if you want a basic security system for access controls or a sophisticated security system that has multiple degrees of protection, we can create and implement a security system that is tailored to your specific needs.

Simple to Use:

Our security systems are simple and intuitive. Your workers won't need much training to use the system after deployment.


Businesses would be wise to invest in RFID security systems since they might end up saving money over time. The key cards and fobs are not only much less expensive than the alternatives but they can also be readily programmed and adjusted. A cost-effective access management solution for businesses of all sizes, it also eliminates expensive disruptions that might otherwise happen due to technical or permission difficulties.

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1What is Rfid?

Radio Frequency Identification is referred to as RFID. It is a system that wirelessly identifies and tracks items using radio waves. RFID systems are made up of readers that talk to the tags using radio frequency signals and tags, which are small electronic devices that hold specific identification information. A tag sends its data when it is in close proximity to a reader, enabling automatic recognition and tracking of the tagged object. For inventory management, asset tracking, access control, supply chain management, and other purposes, numerous businesses employ RFID.

2What benefits can Rfid bring to our business?

RFID technology can improve your inventory management, supply chain visibility, operational efficiency, asset tracking, customer experience, security, maintenance and service, anti-counterfeiting measures, and data insights and analytics. It automates data capture, reducing manual efforts and streamlining processes.

3Can we rely on Rfid?

RFID technology is reliable and widely used, but its reliability depends on factors such as proper tag placement, reader coverage, environmental conditions, and system configuration. Thorough planning, testing, and monitoring are essential for ensuring reliable performance.

4What standards are in place for using Rfid technologies?

RFID technologies are regulated by EPC Gen2, ISO 18000 series, and ISO 15693 standards, which ensure interoperability, data format consistency, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

5Why is Rfid better than barcodes?

RFID technology offers several advantages over barcodes, such as faster and contactless scanning, increased data capacity, durability, read/write capability, automation and integration, better inventory visibility, improved traceability, longer range and no line-of-sight requirement, anti-counterfeiting and security, and flexibility. It can be applied in various form factors, making it more convenient for tracking and locating items.

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